Delivery from aunt Celias´s and her sons/daugter´ss curses

When I was 7 I started feeling rejection from people. It started happening that nobody defended me as before, I wondered why, and started feeling different. I alienated emotionally. I was left abandoned to the maids and carpenters for them to take care of me. My mother had zero emotnioal support in my life, my father did. My mother comes from a big wealthy family. Her older sister called Celia, always had a problem of envy towards her. Celia has never wanted to accept Christ and has always loved the twisted truth. Even if uncounsciously, she brough a lot of curses to my life, through false declarations (“this girl is totally useless”) and critics. My own mother, avoiding a painful confrontation with her, was always on her side, so the curses of aunt Celia were allowed by my mother. I was laughed at without reason. Relationships in my life have been distant and troublesome, but in the midst of problems, the Holy Spirit always ministered my mind even if I did not recognize it. That´s why I give glory to the Lord, who is so faithful and forgiving, always there, though we fail him.
I have always been attacked, received hatred and attacks from people without reason, during a period of my life my father was a government official and that brought more trouble and critics; always wondered about some other presence behind people; but I was never conscious of the call until the biggest brokenness came to my life, at that time I was so desperate I only needed Jesus, all I cared was Jesus.
The same people that tormented me when seven always influenced my mother on serious decisions on my life, like where was I going to be sent to study abroad for college. My aunt, who always refused to accept Christ, influenced my mother to send me to the University of Navarre, founded by the founder of Opus Dei, Jose Escriva de Balaguer, some churches place his picture on the altar. Opus Dei always haunted my life, before I knew what the kingdom is all about, they captivated me, I was not into the word nor knowing it, so I was moved by appearences; I was fascinated by them, I used to sing in their Christmas shows and adore its people. Their appearences are to the world are attractive: their temples are covered in gold and most elegant. They have all the riches of the Vatican. Their dorms are shiny, made of the most detailed carved woods, expensive floors, luxurious buildings in the inside, and elegant food. The members they use to recruit others are tall and beautiful. At that time I loved money and adored its people because they seemed to have more money than others, or at least they appeared to; I admired and was adored their education, because they have modals, moral, and good sounding words. They are neat(we were taught to be sooo clean, that is one of the major major principles in Opus Dei, to be clean and neat, ..!no dust!). I was already enchanted by them when I got to college, they only needed to press me to join the sect and I would have been willing to,.but things turned out to be different. I disliked one thing, and that thing that I disliked was the trigger to the separation , and I learned this in my American School: I disliked their religious behavior(extreme radicalism).
The major attack came while I was in college. My father (In El Salvador, I was in Spain) left the house because he had a son with a different woman, and left us. I cracked down emotionally. My father was everything to me. I adminred him, he was father and mother, because my mom was distant. He was my provider, ,..I mean, everything. He was also a public figure, a well known man in the city, part of the government. My father´s behavior while being a public figure was shameful: he had public affairs; one of his employees was pregnant of him while he was the President of the Central Bank(she had an abortion). I always sensed something was wrong, sensed people wanted to tell me things, and received pity from some of my friends, not knowing why, later, I found out all of this. Due to all of this heavy burden I was not able to mature mentally as I should during teenage years. The separation was a public huge scandal; people expected it, and even wanted that to happen, since he was so known for his affairs; surrounded by shaming catholics, I was feeling ashamed all the time. When the separation, I was in third year of college, I started drinking, and partying excessively. I drank all day long, starting 7 am…vodka, wine, everything.
Territorial Destructors
A couple of years before the separation, aunt Celiahad gotten her divorce(the same person that induced the idea of OpusDei in the family(not even a catholic practitioner) . She was filled with hatred andbitterness and never wanted to accept Christ. I´ve started learngin about core spiritual warfare through her. It´s not wasy for me emotionally to see her demons, because she is family, my mother´s sister, but she is so filled with demons, and the biggest one that dominates her is shame. When she got a divorce, she felt so ashamed; she has been a shameful person all her life. Everything around her is shame. I discerned she had a problem because one of the first things that I studied to get delivered is shame, shame is the most demonic feeling on earth, because it´s contrary to freedom, the first thing Christ gives us. Shame causes demons of resentment to give life. Shame is like the mother of all demons: blame, resentment, anger, lies. Well, aunt Celia felt ashamed. Since she felt so ashamed, she started blaming, but since she was living at a house that was not hers, she had to be an educated person,…the way she started blaming is the same tactic antichrist is going to use to united everyone,..she started making everyone believe that HER problems were EVERYBODY ELSES´S problems, and her weaknesess and her son and daughter´s problems were OUR, and EVERYBODY else´s problems, and every thing that they did that was wrong or wicked she justified it with an “it´s normal” thing. I could see in the air how everyone got contaminated. Not only that: the aunt tookher divorce as an excuse to rule over everyone: she was the “wisest” of all, because she had “lived problems and knew about life” more than everybody else. And in her REPRESSED ANGER, …oh,…she totally took a emotnioanl demonic dominion over the people near her. Everyone was so afraid of going through what she had gone through in her life, (divorce, poverty) so she made everybody believe that if they didn´t obey her, everyone was going to go through what she went through. She became devilishly like a menacing walking person: “if you don´t agree with me, my disgraces are going to be yours”. And guess what: the commotion she created with this menacing position,..and a lot of extra things: the 2 families that live near her actually went though what she went through. This I might say it´s called a territorial spirit. People around her were not able to place limits. Learging about territorial spirits is a very useful tool to get protected. Up until this time, the lives of her son´s and daughter´s are a spiritual mess: they are completely deceited (one of them got involved in secret societies, and the other one is in a core fornication sin; the other daughter is trying to seek Christ but is so filled with bitterness that she can hardly see anything). Aunt Celia is trying to curse my life, because she wants me to go though “every single thing she went through” . Everytime I try to do anything that is in order(not commit adultery, not go to fornication), she attacks more. She wants me to lose my moral ways,because she wants me to be socially ashamed. My father was an important Politian, with a good reputation, a hard working man that tried hard in a difficult environment(governmental environments are difficult, a los of temptations) to stay true. But the desires of this aunt and her family that lived near, I mean this feelings of “I want you to go through what I went through”(it´s like a projected revenge) were so strong, that almost beated up everyone, because she was a respected person. It´s like an obsession she has: “You have to go through the financial and emotional shit because I went through it.” See I have tried to get near her, but she does not want anything with Jesus, she likes everything around Jesus, but she has sucha strong demonic attatchment: she does not want THE PERSON OF JESUS.
After my parent´ scandal, Opus Dei had had be the house of comfort. I remember being glad to have an emotional excuse to join them To say the truth, I wanted to be part of them. I felt that if I joined them, I wasn´t going to need anything else, they offered everything: company, seemed to have money, good food, etc,…but things turned out different from what I planed. I seeked with them emotional and spiritual guide. The answer was: “NO…NO HELP, NOT IF YOU DON´T JOIN US… So join us, and you will be helped”. I did not like that dance in the relationship, the way they drove the relationship with me discarded all the hopes I had build from them. Jesus started showing me what was right and what was not in the process of joining them.
I started getting desperate; I felt all alone, all by myself, in Europe, surrounded by them, that placed so much pressure on me (“go here, go there, do this, do that, hang out with this one, don´t to that, etc..”) I started feeling scared. Yes, cousin, the son of Aunt Celia was with me in the sameplace, but he tried to rape me. TO say the truth, from him: zero emotional support, contrarily; he did all of his efforts to ruin my reputation. When I came home a summer I seeked emotional help, and accepted Christ with a christian counselour that guided me to read the bible and depend on the holy spirit. But I returned to the Opus Dei environment. And this is when all sorts of spiritual things started happening, I had no problems with them when I was not a Christian; I was their puppet. But when I told them I was reading the bible and that I had a Christian friend: This is where the testimony of spiritual warfare begins. I was ignorant…I read the bible, but did not know where and who I was with. They wanted to join them, and I was a new born Christian in the midst of them.
I told a spiritual mentor in there I was reading the bible. She said I was wronged, I should not, and that I needed a guide. After that they started ridiculizing me, saying I really needed help, so they decided to assign me a mentor “just for me”. She was going “to help me”, for “I was going crazy reading the bible by myself”. They assigned me this numerary,Beatrice, …when I met this woman, and her surroundings, I really was able to see what they say when they talk about mind control. The first time I saw her I looked into her big green eyes, they were twisting, twisting around (I was shocked). She was eating a huge red apple. Physically, she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen,like a model. She is a doctor, is never going to marry, and lives in this Opus Dei convents, travels to the Vatican every now and then. But a thing that made me feel this fear, was that she had a lot of girls,” in trouble” (being trouble with grades or family problems like me), absolutely in love with her(emotionally, sexually, completely taken). I was able to perceive a strong sexual arousal in all of them, when she was around, all of them kind of competing who was nearest to her(we ages 20-30). She was the tallest one, the most beautiful, powerful, and important one, and every one adored her and were in love with her. Not that she talked about Jesus at all,..I never heard her mention Jesus,..she just guided us into meditation and rosary prayers. I remember this reunions,..with the look in her eyes she was able to command the minds and reactions of the girls. Such a strong presence when she was around. Opus Dei treats people differently acoordinf to the social and economic status of the person. When we visited the old and sick, we were supposed to have pity for them. Everything was so superficial. It was all about doing: do this, do that, visit here, etc,.. The meditations were focused on the presence of Christ, “stay silent, Christ is here” while they blew up some smoke. The temple was so luxurious, neat and with carved gold. Beatrice she assigned supposed to help me go through the horrible family separation and emotional turnmoil. But she never sat and talk to me. She was always so busy. I called her and the answer was “she is busy”. I felt rejected. Always she was seeing important people. I was her assigned person but my function in there was to get enchanted by her and try to be like her. So I tried. I toldthem if I could become a numerary. They said this was a long burocreatic process and that I had to sanctify my life more in order to be part of them. I tried, I really tried hard, but each time I tried, the drug consumption and sexual attacks got stronger. Opus Dei believes that in order to defeat sexual temptation we must use the celtice, a belt and some metal instruments, and hurt ourselves to bleed each time we feel a sexual temptation. I promised to mystelf Iw ould get to that point. But my goals were opposd to my feelings, I was very much scared. That flagellation is the most demonic thing I consider they have. That practice totally hardens our hearts upon Jesus. Some even make themselves bleed each time they have a sexual temptation. One night I l slept at their doorms, and remember I had this apparition of Beatrice almost forcing me to have sex with her with a belt in her hand; I still do not remember if it was real or if it was just a dream. What I know is that they wanted to turn my soul to Satan. They totally trap the person: what was I going to do? If I did not do their ways, my grades would come down and I would not have been able to finish my career, than god that was what happened, because if not for a divine intervention, Iwould be a numerary by now, probably recruiting other girls.
My behavior was different from the rest: I refused to stop drugs, but still obeyed them as they invited m to their religious things. My old friends rejected me for joining Opus Dei, so I was all alone, in the other side of the world. I left my old friends too because they were not able to help me at all, felt hurt bu them because they critizized me and I did not know why…all I really needed was spiritual help, I was falling more and more into drug consumption. One of the reasos I did drugs was because my grades were falling, and I felt frustrated. My grade in history was falling and never passed it even if I did the exams correctly, because the teacher was a member of Opus Dei, and he knew I wasn´t fully obeying their standards. I was sent to a pshychiatrist. To my surprise..the pshychiatrist assigned to me was an Opus numerary that lived in the same dorm that Bea did. It started happening to me: everywhere I went, I saw either friends of Beatrice, or girls from the dorm she lived in. They wear the same shoes to recognize each other, and even the same perfume, they dress similarly.
The first time Satan appeared to me. I was kind of asleep, when I was pulled out of my body and dragged , from the bed, to the floor. I was pulled and saw myself being dragged and felt drowned. I was so scared. The force that dragged me was like a piece of smoke, black and brown, and it was strong. This feeling of fear was one of the impulses for me to stop drinking,….Jesus has its ways. I returned to my body, kneeled down, and prayed. Through this experience a voice talked to me “get out of Opus Dei”. But I didn´t. I saw the same force again, but this time, at a more clear vision. It happened at one of the “praying sessions”. I was invited to worship the black virgin, at Torreciudad, HUesca, near where Escriba was born. We were leaning on our knees worshipping the black virgin, when suddenly, her face started twisting around and around, like melting. The statue of the virgin was black, and I felt inmediatelly a presence, I did not know it was the devil, because I had no clue of the devil, but I knew the presence was ugly, and sat down on the chair(from kneeling, to the chair). While all of this was happening, Beatrice was glaring at me. She noticed it, and when I looked at her, I knew she knew. Emotionally, I was scared to death, and mentally; I was a total ignorant of everything, the relationship with her and the rest of the Opus Dei did not last longer, because my feelings overrode my thoughts and actions towards them. I was so scared to death I just rejected them in anger. After that trip, I turned totally into drugs. I knew about Jesus, prayed, but the environment was totally catholic, I was also ignorant in the gospel and inspiritual warfare, I was moved by fear. So one night I got out to buy cigarettes to a bar, and while I was in the machine, a car stopped. Out of the car, the pshychiatrist waved me a big hi . When I looked at her face, her lips were totally purple, and her eyes twisting around. What I saw scared me the most, I think she was completely satanized . I was scared. They knew I didn´t want anything to do with them, but they kept following me in a horrendous way. I was so scared I got intoxicated(too much alcohol) , I was alone, nobodyundesrtood and people wee afraid,my friends had rejected me, the only people I could turn into were the Opus Dei. I decided to read the bible, drunk that same night (at this time I was living at an apartment) . The woman that lived with me (linked to Opus Dei) called my parents and told them she couldn´t stand me anymore. She did not stand me neither drunk nor reading the bible. Everyone in there told me I was crazy for reading the bible. That night I was sent to the pshychiatric hospital, where the pshychiatrist numerary (Opus dei woman) gave some references and I was sent home, from Spain to El Salvador. When I came back I did my counseling sessions with my Christian guide and joined church, and studied licensure in addiction and counseling studies thank you Jesus. Jesus guided me to many truths behind my past. I started going to libraries and reading a lot. (I used to read a lot in the past, but this time was different, it was readings placed on there by the Holy Spirit). An important book I was able to get to is called Opus Judei. I started reading and inmediatelly underlines almost everything,…I discovered that Opus Dei is looks to trap Jews. I found out that I myself have jewish roots, now that´s why they were so interested in me probably. Opus Dei is doing the same thing the catholic church did years ago. They work hard recruiting people. When they recruit you, they look for your background(who is your family, where do you come from). They work so hard researching information. They have a hidden agenda, no wonder, and it isdefinitivelly for the New World Order to take place. When you study the fascism of Hitler, and his ways, you can identify it with Opus Dei: racist. In Opus Dei, the most respected ones are the Aryan, the tall, the beautiful. And those that do not fit are left to give pity to the others, or on cleaning cores or other. The process I went through in counseling is called “deprogramming”. I order for me to have a clear mind and be able to be moved by the spirit, I mean, every thing had to be changed, all the mental patterns I learned while in there. They believe in telepathy. I had to cut that down. The most important part I had to heal was the painful feelings of rejection: I was not enough for Christ, because I was not tall enough or had enough money as the others. I had rejection in the past, but never so openly.But I found in Christ a totally different environment. Christians have weaknesses and fight over dumb things, but if evilness like the one before existed amonngst them, theywould not be called christians. Thank Christ for his work in my life and for the work he does on others.