por  mi esposa-----FALSO ESPIRITU DE REBELDIA------------------for my wife ----- FALSE rebellious spirit

I am a married Costa Rican

I am a married Costa Rican same God has blessed with three beautiful children that I love very much I wish them well, they are ages 13, 11, and 8 respectively, the three are studying with excellent grades, are active members of a church in my community have tried to give our children a good quality of life, with the beginning of wisdom which is the fear of God, we live in a room borrowed from 27mts squares of 4x4 bedroom, the situation is this I have permission to build a room more but by the scarcity of resources is humanly impossible to afford us the materials for this purpose, as my husband earns only to solve the most basic needs such as food, electricity and water, we made a worth of expenses and over $ 2000USD, not even counting labor since it would be bringing my husband's and I
It is for this that I appeal to your good will to help me with what you can (from 1 USD) if you are at your fingertips, for this purpose can make the
account # 200-01-019-026528-5 National Bank of Costa Rica
Thank you in advance that I dedicate the time to read this request for help
No more trying I leave you with a sincere God richly bless you, AMEN.